The Cookson Company and its network of authorized dealers offer industry leading services to help keep your facilities operational.  Read more about some of the services that Cookson offers below:

To prevent extended downtime and ensure that your facility stays operational, contact your local Cookson dealer to learn more about a planned maintenance program.  Planned Maintenance Programs (PMP) allow you to have confidence that your closure products will continue to work as needed and help to extend the life of your investment.  Regular maintenance and early identification of issues will help your doors and grilles stay fully functional for years to come.  Reach out to one of our authorized dealers today by visiting the Dealer Locator page to learn more.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publishes standards for building products.  NFPA 80, the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, states that rolling fire doors should be inspected and tested annually to check for operation and full closure.  NFPA 80 also notes that a written record should be maintained and made available to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

To verify if your installed fire doors meet building code and are NFPA 80 compliant, please review Cookson's Fire Inspectors Checklist. Designed for plant managers, download the checklist to bring on-site.  Find your local Cookson dealer by using the Dealer Locator, and schedule your annual service today.

Our Architectural Design Support team specializes in providing superior project support. Our dedicated staff of Design Engineers is available to assist you with product design questions and answer questions related to product applications and limitations.  Contact our ADS department today at email or by calling 800.294.4358 ext. 1280.