Product Comparision Chart
Exterior/Interior Doors Premium Rolling Door Products manufactured by the Cookson family for over 60 years and recognized in the industry as the easiest to operate
Fire Doors The Cookson Company offers a wide variety of Fire Door Systems with specific features and Benefits to fit the characteristics of the fire door opening
Grilles Uncompromising commitment to quality and value through the continued use of proven materials and design
Counter Doors Cookson Counter Doors are not standard doors reduced in size. Every component is proportionately designed to provide a finished appearance for a counter door openings.
Side Coiling Closures Perfect where conventional Rolling Doors can't be used
Kontrol® Accordion Doors Kontrol Accordion Doors: Sound - Sight
CYCLE-MASTER® Performance Doors Cookson Cycle-Master High Performance Doors offer advanced performance where you need it most.
Optional Features Check out our selection of door accessories and aftermarket parts to enhance the performance of your doors