Parking Facilities

Parking facilities require durable closure solutions that must stand up to the unique demands of frequent access, while keeping the safety of the facility occupants in mind. High cycle, high speed and headroom constraints are common factors when working on parking facility projects.

Cookson offers several products that can address the unique needs of parking facilities. Explore the areas below to learn more about common applications.

Facility Entrance and Exit Fire Containment
Facility Entrance / Exit

Frequent access demands closure products that offer higher cycle life and performance reliability. Opening and closing speed is often another common need for any closure product at the entrance or exit of a parking facility. These needs must be addressed all while providing security for the facility to prevent unwanted access.

Cookson offers its CYCLE-MASTER 1024 Performance Door to address high speed, high cycle opportunities. Also available are CYCLE-MASTER Grilles, offering 100K or 300K life cycles.

Fire Containment
Fire Containment

Protecting a parking facility and its occupants against the spread of fire is undoubtedly a major part of any project. Cookson's Advanced Fire Systems and Rolling Fire Doors help to address this design need by automatically closing in the event of fire detection.

Explore our Insulated Fire Door to meet multiple design needs, with UL rated fire protection plus security, sound attenuation and environmental separation. Rolling Fire Doors are designed for daily use to provide security and access control. Our Smoke Control products address the need for smoke control with UL labeled perimeter smoke seals.