Industrial markets require products that can stand up to harsh environments and meet high performance requirements. Cookson offers solutions that deliver unmatched durability and reliability.

Cookson's CYCLE-MASTER® Performance products provide maximum up-time and minimal maintenance year after year. Insulated Service Doors provide the strength of a steel service door with added benefits of climate and sound control.

Explore the areas below to find out how these Cookson products address common Industrial applications, keeping these facilities operational day in and day out.

Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities
Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities

Manufacturing & Distribution facilities rely on products that keep them moving at a fast-pace. Cookson products offer reliability along with faster cycle time, proven security and advanced operating systems.

The CYCLE-MASTER Performance 1024 Door offers increased productivity for high traffic openings combined with the security of a steel door, helping to prevent unwanted entry. Cookson's CYCLE-MASTER Rubber Door can help to solve headaches associated with high impact, high traffic areas. Likewise, Quick Repair™ Insulated Service Doors help to minimize downtime when a door is damaged.

Mining Facilities Mining Facilities
Mining Facilities

Any Mining Industry application will require a heavy duty product that can stand up to harsh environments. Cookson's CYCLE-MASTER Performance products and Insulated Service Doors offer solutions to the rugged needs of a Mining facility.

Cookson's CYCLE-MASTER Performance Rubber Door is rugged enough to withstand applications that come with high pressure and windload, door impact concerns and high traffic conditions. The CYCLE-MASTER Performance 1024 Insulated Door can help to maintain climate control in CYCLE-MASTER weather conditions, with its faster cycle time and full perimeter sealing.