Existing Facilities

At The Cookson Company, we understand that having a safe, energy efficient building that supports productivity is important to you.  We offer products that work to keep property and occupants safe and secure.  Explore our offering to find closure products that offer security, support efficient traffic flow and require minimal maintenance.

Have a unique design challenge?  Email or call our dedicated Architectural Design Support team, who's available to support any design question, no matter how big or small.

Solve nuisance issues that hinder productivity and jeopardize safety with Cookson's aftermarket solutions.  Explore our Aftermarket Solutions to learn more about:

Cookson offers product solutions that meet the needs of new construction, renovation or expansion projects.  Many of our products provide advanced features, such as higher speeds, longer cycle life, exceptional ease of serviceability and exclusive, patent-pending insulation.  Learn more about our Advanced Product Solutions, including:

The Cookson Company and its network of authorized dealers offer industry leading services to help keep your facilities operational.  Visit our Services page to learn more about our variety of services such as: