Aftermarket Offering

Solve nuisance issues that hinder productivity and jeopardize safety with Cookson’s aftermarket solutions.

M100 FireGard Fire Door

Conventional, old style fire door systems can cause more harm than good. Their potentially dangerous closing speeds, costly resetting requirements and difficult maintenance procedures can wreak havoc on your budget. Plus, if not properly reset, their inability to perform in an emergency can threaten the life safety of building occupants.  

Cookson makes it simple for facility managers to eliminate the nuisances of old style fire doors while protecting productivity, property and personnel. Retrofit Cookson operating systems on existing fire doors and achieve improved life safety and functional benefits while maintaining UL certification. Visit the retrofit fire door operator section to learn more.

Use this link to find the Cookson Dealer in your area.  They would be happy to inspect your fire doors and provide you with the most safe and secure operating solution.

Cookson Parts

Cookson’s parts offering includes off the shelf items and custom engineered solutions to address your repair and replacement needs.  Our parts’ offering is continually expanding and our service team is available to assist you in determining the rights parts for the job.  Cookson’s technical support and fast delivery ensure that you get what you need quickly to limit downtime and productivity loss.  Learn more about our offering of Cookson Parts.

Photo Eyes

Cookson also offers accessories to help enhance your current fire rated closure products.  Items such as Specialty Operators, Control Stations, Sensing Edges, Photo Eyes and a full range of operator accessories are available.  Visit our Product Accessories page to learn more about this offering.